WBM Assembly

WestBrug Mechatronics (WBM) is the assembly division of Westbrug Holding. WBT earned its spurs in the world of precision mechanics by having a no-nonsense attitude, making clear agreements and by then doing what we had promised!

We want to achieve the same goals with WBM and, in addition to manufacturing parts, we want to acquire more and more modules and configurations. This means, of course, that we are prepared to make the necessary investments. In this way we want to become a one-stop-shop for our customers, based on clear agreements and on ensuring that we do what we have agreed.

Westbrug holding has the NEN-ISO 9001 certificate for the total organisation and this safeguards processes and makes the company ready for any new challenges that come its way. The combination of WBT & WBM allows us to serve our customers by being an all-round supplier of everything from manufacturing parts, modules and machines to total turn key projects.

More assembly examples, please see the Photo Gallery.