Our machinery

We can produce individual items as well as series made up of thousands of parts. In doing so we use the most modern techniques and have a wide range of machinery.

CNC TURNINGDimensions (axis travel)Comment
Mazak nexus200-II-MSYØ 380 X230/Y100/Z575, with spindle feed Ø 6512 driven tools
Mazak Nexus 250-II-QTØ 380 X230/Y575-1085, Ø 80 spindle diameter12 driven tools
Mazak QuickTurn 350 MØ 420 x 120012 driven tools
Halter Robot t.b.v. Nexus 200+350MTo change workpieces
Mazak Hyper Quadrex 200MSYØ 200 with double Turret,
Ø 65 spindle diameter
24x driven tools
Conventional turning
Schaublin 125
CNC MILLINGDimensionsComment
Mazak Nexus 410A-II vertical centerX= 900 / Y= 410 / Z= 510Bed 900 x 410
Mazak VTC200C-II 2xX= 1660 / Y= 510 / Z= 510 with 4th axisBed 2000 x 510
Halter Robot t.b.v. VTC200CTo change workpieces
Mazak VTC800/30 SRX= 3000 / Y= 800 / Z= 720, 5-axes simultaneous
Mazak VTC800/30 SRX= 3000 / Y= 800 / Z= 720, 5-axes simultaneous
BMO Robot t.b.v. VTC 800/30SR 2xTo change workpieces
Deckel Maho DMU50TWith 5th axisBed 510 x 410
CMM Mitutoyo measuring machine M 574
Height gauge
Roughness gauge
Profile projector
Blast cabinet
CNC Sawing machine Ø 420
Stud welding machine
Pillar drill
Honing machine
20 ton hydraulic hand press


VIDEO: BMO Robot for loading CNC Machines